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Dr Aleks Lazarevic

Since completing his Double bachelor in Applied Science/Health Science- Osteopathy at RMIT Aleks has taken a particular interest in sports injury and prevention and has worked as the Osteopath at the 2018 Australian National Veterans Table Tennis Tournament.

Aleks has also completed his Level 2 in Advanced Dry Needling/Cupping and Electrotherapy along with his Level 1 in Kinesiology Rock taping and uses these skills to help achieve better health outcomes for his patients.
Osteopathic treatment is based on the understanding that the body functions as a dynamic unit, that structure and function are closely related and that the body possesses everything it needs to heal and self-regulate. When a person is injured this process can by disrupted. The Osteopaths role is to help the body heal itself.

In his spare time Aleks is an active member of his local Table Tennis club and enjoys regularly competing, he has been a competitive player since 2007 and uses his past and current experience with sport to help aid treatments in his practice
Aleks also loves to travel and to date has visited over 20 countries. He believes it is the greatest way to study life and endeavours to travel more.